Q1. What is Volunteers.ae?

UAE Volunteer Platform - the first and largest nationwide smart platform of its kind - operates a comprehensive, proactive program of development and regulation to ensure volunteering in the UAE achieves maximum social impact across all seven Emirates, and volunteers can operate easily in an enabling environment.

The Platform aims at growing the UAE volunteer community by facilitating the volunteering process. The UAE Volunteer Platform makes it easy for volunteers to match up with volunteer opportunities based on their interests and available opportunities listed by private and public entities across all Emirates. Competent and skilled volunteers can register to the database, and both government and private sector entities with volunteer needs can post available opportunities. Volunteers can specify interests and availability, while entities with volunteering needs can post vacancies according to specific categories and requirements.

The UAE Volunteer Platform acts as a dynamic, easy-to-use resource for volunteerism on both ends, creating a culture of giving and volunteering that will allow the UAE to be an inspiration to others around the world.

Q2. What are the Platform Objectives?

  • Regulate the volunteer sector in the UAE and create an enabling environment for volunteers to maximize impact
  • Connect individual volunteers and volunteer groups with specialized private and public sector volunteering opportunities
  • Create a centralized database of volunteering organizations and opportunities across the UAE
  • Facilitate youth access to the right volunteer opportunity(ies).
  • Oversee the accreditation and documentation of volunteer engagement and volunteer activities
  • Provide guidance to volunteers to deploy their skills and interests in specialized volunteer opportunities.

Q3. Why Register on Volunteers.ae? – for volunteers

  • Secure seed funding for innovative volunteer ideas
  • Become a member of an accredited volunteering platform established by the UAE Government
  • Get access to a wide range of specialized volunteer opportunities
  • Choose specific volunteer activities in synergy with volunteer skills and interests
  • Build a volunteer record
  • Opportunity to be nominated for volunteering awards
  • Continuous learning and awareness on volunteerism
  • Obtain accredited transcripts documenting your volunteer hours and completed volunteer activities

Q4. Why Register on Volunteers.ae? - for volunteer groups

  • Become a member of an Accredited Platform by UAE Government offering various volunteer opportunities
  • Obtain accredited transcripts documenting your volunteer hours and completed volunteer activities
  • Access to a large number of specialized volunteers
  • Access to a centralized Call center and customer support
  • Opportunity to market and promote volunteering projects and activities
  • Facilitated procedures for obtaining the required approvals to participate in various volunteer activities

Q5. What are the services offered to organizations?

  • Become a member of an Accredited Platform by UAE Government offering various volunteer opportunities
  • Access to a large number of specialized volunteers
  • Volunteer projects management support
    Through a centralized Call center and customer support
  • Opportunity to market and promote their volunteering projects and activities
  • Providing portal- generated reports on your volunteering activities

Q6. What are the volunteer themes supported by the platform?

  • Community Support
  • Children & Youth
  • Education & Literacy
  • Health related
  • Elderly
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Arts & Culture
  • Advocacy & Human Rights
  • Women Development
  • The determined ones
  • Disaster Relief, Emergency and Safety
  • Environment
  • Immigrants and Refugees
  • International
  • Mentoring

Q7. Which geographic areas does the platform serve?

The platform serves all areas and regions across the UAE, in addition to selected international volunteer opportunities in collaboration with pre-identified entities

Q8. Who is Volunteers.ae managed by?

Ministry Of Community Development:

We want to be among the best countries in the world by 2021. Our nation strives for a cohesive society and preserved identity, a safe public and fair judiciary system, a competitive knowledge economy, a first-rate education system, a world-class healthcare system and a sustainable environment and infrastructure. Together, we are united in responsibility, united in destiny, united in knowledge and united in prosperity.

For more information please visit www.mocd.gov.ae

The Emirates Foundation is an independent philanthropic organization, set by the government of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to facilitate public-private funded initiatives to improve the welfare of youth across the UAE. The Emirates Foundation is the sponsor of the volunteers.ae platform.

For more information please visit www.emiratesfoundation.ae

Q9. What are the criteria to register as a volunteer?

Volunteering opportunities are accessible to all Emiratis and Expatriates in the UAE from all ages and nationalities

Q10. What are the documents required for registration?

  • Personal photo
  • Passport copy (First Page)
  • Passport copy (Last page, unified number)
  • UAE National ID card copy (front & back)
  • Residency copy (for non-UAE nationals only)

Q11. How can we apply to register and upload the required documents?

You can register directly through www.volunteers.ae and upload all the required documents

For further inquiries, please call 800-VOLAE ( 800-86523 )

Q12. How can we learn about Volunteers’ roles, responsibilities and rights?

Through the Volunteers.ae Disclaimer, which each volunteer must read, approve and sign off on.

Q13. How can volunteers learn more about the Volunteers.ae trainings, activities and initiatives?

Volunteers can visit www.volunteers.ae to learn more about the platform training, activities, initiatives and relevant updates in addition to accessing the photo gallery and other resources.

Q14. What proof of completion of volunteer work is provided to volunteers through the platform?

A certificate of participation and completion of number of accredited volunteering hours will be provided to volunteers through an online transcript and a certificate as per the organizer’s criteria.

Q15. How are volunteers notified of locations and timings of trainings and/or opportunities provided by the platform?

  • Volunteers can view the volunteering opportunities available on the platform website: www.volunteers.ae and select the relevant opportunity (from opportunities).
  • Volunteers are notified of locations and timings of trainings and/or opportunities provided by the platform through emails. These emails will also include details about the trainings and/or opportunities and contact number for further inquiries and suggestions.

Q16. How can the platform guarantee updating and reloading of volunteer training records after the completion of training?

Volunteers should register in the organizing entity registration record sheet in every activity / training they participate in. According to those records, names are entered into the platform database by the organizing entity.

Q17. How can I put forward suggestions / recommendations for improvement?

There is a dedicated Suggestions form on the website to put forward suggestions / recommendations for improvement and a dedicated team will address these as soon as possible.

Q18. Why was I denied the opportunity to participate in a certain event?

This would be due to the incompletion of certain documentation or not meeting specific rules and conditions for that particular event. Please note that terms and conditions for acceptance vary according to the requirements of the event as set by the organizing entity.